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Success & Loyalty Gifts with Ninette Maddrell & Pittard Real Estate Agency Profit Consultants


Ninette Maddrell is a training facilitator at Pittard Real Estate Agency Profit Consultants. As one of Australia’s top real estate agency management and training companies, Pittard provides a total real estate profit management system, including sales, management and leadership real estate courses and seminars. Pittard collaborates with agents and salespeople across Australia, New Zealand and South East Asia to implement successful business practices with proven results. At Pittard, Ninette works alongside the CEO to manage the office staff and is in charge or arranging all their seminars – internal and external. That means Ninette always has a lot of responsibility, and a lot of relationships to nurture.


  • Send ‘Thank You Gifts’ to build rapport with real estate agents and seminar attendees,
  • Surprise colleagues when they’re not expecting a gift,
  • Save time when ordering gifts for VIPs globally.


  • Pittard wanted to make sure to stand out from other companies offering similar services and knew a personal touch would make their interactions far more memorable.
  • Ninette wanted to send Thank You gifts to seminar participants regularly – both in gratitude for their input, and to nurture their professional relationships.
  • Other gift companies were slow, with a very limited selection of gifts, and a tedious ordering process.


Now Ninette works with a dedicated gift specialist whenever she wants to send Thank You gifts to her company’s VIPs around the globe. She knows she doesn’t have to shop around, no matter where her gift recipients are in the world. “The ease of ordering is great. I can just go in, order it, press a button, and off I go.” Now, Ninette can order individual gifts quickly online, or she can make bulk purchases in one fell swoop with GiftBasketsOverseas.com’s bulk order form. If there are ever any issues or questions, Ninette knows the gift specialists at GiftBasketsOverseas.com will stay in constant communication until it’s resolved. “I just love the way that I'm always kept in touch with what's happening with my order. I get calls from you guys, which I sort of don't expect and I think, wow, you know, this is great.”


Now, Ninette has sent dozens of gifts to seminar attendees, and tells us it really is making a difference in the way people remember their company. Their recipients remember the company longer, and usually have even better rapport with the company after they’ve received a gift. She tells us, “all of our clients who have received your hampers are so thankful and overwhelmed as they are not expecting anything. They say how beautiful and well-presented they are.”

Final Word

Remember, you don’t have to believe us when we say we’re the best in the business, and we can help your company make a personal connection that will increase loyalty. Ninette says that working with GiftBasketsOverseas.com is “just total satisfaction. You don't have to worry about the gift or anything. You know [your gifts are] going to be good and it's going to get there on time.”