How GBO delivers in less than a week


How Do You Deliver My Gift Overseas in Less Than a Week?

We get this question all the time; people just can’t believe we’re able to deliver so quickly until they see it for themselves. We can’t tell you all the secrets we’ve got hidden up our sleeves, but here are the basics of how we get your gifts to your family, friends, and colleagues in more than 200 countries so quickly.

We’re everywhere! managers and gift experts exist in every region we serve; that’s more than 200 countries. Our regional managers source the highest quality gourmet foods, fine wines, spa products, and gift décor that’s available within their region. Then, our gift experts use those fine products to develop GBO brand gifts for each area and occasion.

When you place your order from anywhere in the world, we simply send it from our customer support headquarters to the appropriate regional manager, where your gift is created and delivered, usually by courier such as FedEx, UPS, DHL.

Not only do you get the fastest overseas gift delivery service available, you also get individualized gift service each time you order. Our gifts aren’t pre-made and sitting on a shelf; your recipients deserve the freshness and fine quality that only hands-on attention can provide.

Order Globally, Ship Locally

What does this mean? Place your order anywhere, and it’s as though you’re placing the order from the same place as your recipient.

Your gift is never shipped across borders, it never has to go through the often-slow process of Customs Clearance & you pay 2-3 times less for local delivery than you would have to pay to ship Internationally. And even if you forgot right up until the last minute, we can probably still get your gift there on time (or at least very close to it).

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So what are you waiting for? Browse our online catalog, and send your love.

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